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Designing a whole-school progressive careers and personal development curriculum

When newly appointed Career Lead, Ruth Thornber from Fellside School, took on the daunting task to develop a Careers programme on top of other teaching, curriculum and management duties, she had to think smart.

Ruth turned to her colleagues to engage in this development by sharing their knowledge and experiences  Not only were they able to share knowledge of their year group, topics and subjects but they were also ready to offer connections and contacts through their own personal network who would be willing to help promote careers at Fellside.

During an INSET day, together they also mapped out parents, governors, current visitors and visits the school already had engaged with to see where knowledge and expertise could be able to influence career related learning.

Each phase looked at their curriculum and identified what was already happening to support career related learning and identified gaps. Then bringing it together with all members of staff, they worked to record all opportunities currently happening and where potential opportunities could be. The staff also began to think about what other experiences they would like to offer and how it could be supported through topics and curriculum subjects as well as whole school activities.

Mapping all this information together, allowed Ruth to put together a format that would evidence Career Related Learning in a progressive, long term plan.

Staff reviewed this plan, suggesting any changes and ensuring challenge throughout each key phase.

Ruth then embedded workplace visits and visitors into school throughout the plan, using the suggestions from staff which formed a database of employers and employees for the school. Assembly plans and other whole-school careers learning, evn including the Christmas play, supported the plan as Ruth looked to underpin the whole programme with the schools ‘7Cs’ which represent Fellside’s Learning Values: Curiosity, Commitment, Confidence, Creativity, Collaboration, Challenge and Change.

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