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Delivered by New Skills Academy

The New Skills Now curriculum is designed to prepare learners for success in the digital economy and can be offered as a complement to our existing employability training. New Skills Now covers 8 key skills that are critical for success in the future workforce: lifelong learning, emotional intelligence, thinking critically, solving problems, technology at work, understanding technology, discovering data and exploring coding. To access the resources:

  1. Visit
  2. Any advisors/staff should register as STAFF, and use the access code: ACCESS4STF
  3. Any learners should register as STUDENT, and use the access code: ACCESS
  4. You can navigate to the New Skills Now modules on ‘Courses’, ‘For Success in the Digital Economy’

Like our existing training, New Skills Now includes a variety of learning formats:

  • Interactive online learning modules that support self-direct learning
  • Supplemental exercises and worksheets on the Activity Packs page
  • Additional support and marketing materials for advisors such as the Module Guide and Poster Leaflet, in addition to workshop materials to facilitate instructor-led discussions.
  • To find out more, take a look at our New Skills Now promotional video