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Communicating a whole-school progressive programme with all stakeholders

St Aloysius Primary in South Tyneside is a feeder school to St Joseph's Secondary School who were involved in the original Gatsby Career Benchmark Pilot back in 2015.

St Joseph's communicates to their parents/carers and students' what careers is like within school through a visual 'map' which highlights Career Related Learning at every year group. The aim of this map is to demonstrate how it is progressive and relevant to a student's journey.

Career Lead, at St Aloysius, Marie Backhurst, identified this method as a great opportunity to ensure their newly developed careers and personal development programme could be communicating succinctly to stakeholders. Starting with Year 6, they worked down the school with staff teachers to identify Career Related Learning that happens within each class, not only through the curriculum time but also from other areas of the school such as assemblies and clubs.

Using all the input from staff, Marie was then able to create this into a poster which the school now use on their website and around the school. It has also proved to be a great asset at continually engaging staff as they sought their input and have it within their staff room.

A feature of the poster is that it is visually similar to what is used at St Joseph's Secondary so it has further impact through transition between the primary and secondary. When pupils from St Aloysius visit St Joseph's it is shared and recognisable.

Take a look at the poster here.